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About & The Philosophy of Raw Power Gym, Austin, Texas

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Established in 2009, Raw Power was a husband and wife owned gym dedicated to helping Austinites in Lakeway, Bee Cave, Westlake, and Dripping Springs unlock their true strength and unlimited potential. After witnessing an explosion of exercise fads over the last few decades, founders Shannon and Seneca Sarnella knew there had to be a better way to train. A more natural, raw method of getting the results people demanded.

So they went “old school” in their training. Utilizing fundamental techniques to get clients in shape fast, achieve long-lasting results, and minimize the risk of injury along the way. They created exercise and diet programs that everyday people could fit into their busy schedules and personalized training where the client’s goals were the main focus.

They built a community of like-minded individuals that share in one another’s success and constantly evolve to be the best versions of themselves possible. A family that loves, supports and stands by each member.   That’s the Raw Power way.

Recently Seneca and Shannon have brought on another business partner Kyle who shares the same views on the health and fitness industry and they plan on taking Raw Power Gym to the next level with their NEW location in Spicewood, TX!


Seneca and Shannon are the original power couple and founders of Raw Power Gym. Shannon and Seneca are both respected coaches and athletes and have over 20 years of combined experience in the fitness, strength and conditioning fields.

Shannon and Seneca believe that everyone has the ability to be fit and healthy, and having the right support network in place is the best way to get there. That’s why they partner with only the finest trainers and coaches in the Spicewood area and take a holistic approach to serving their clients. Not just weight training, but nutrition counseling, lifestyle choices and helping to instill confidence and an unbreakable mindset in everyone they coach.

Recently Shannon and Seneca have brought on board a new business partner who has been working alongside them from 8 years at Raw Power. Kyle Heine is the newest addition to Raw Power Gym and the 3rd partner who brings an additional 10 years of experience in the industry to the table. Not only do they share the same ideas when it comes to health and fitness but have made a big step together in opening a NEW location in Spicewood, TX!

When you’re ready to take that first step towards changing your life for good, Shannon, Seneca, and Kyle are waiting to help. Stop by their Spicewood location to learn more about Raw Power Gym’s services today!


So what makes Raw Power different from the big box gyms you’re accustomed to? It’s simple. Literally. If you really want to get stronger, fitter and faster it all starts with the basics.

Proven, time-tested exercises and smooth, fluid movements that align with the body’s natural mechanics. Powerful compound lifts to grow muscle and strengthen joints. Fat-shredding cardio to build a lean, sexy physique. All under the watchful eye of trained former athletes who know what works and how to avoid injuries.  Save the crazy, dangerous workouts for someone else. Build your body and increase your confidence naturally – the Raw Power way.


Think that Raw Power is different than what you’re used to?  We sure hope so.

No more crowded group training or impersonal service. No more astronomical membership fees or long-term contracts. Just dedicated fitness experts and one-on-one coaching to break through your plateaus and continue making progress. Not to mention affordable pricing and monthly membership options.

No more fancy machines that look pretty (but offer little in return) or waiting around for the equipment you really want. Just the power of abundant raw steel, classic strongman tools and experienced staff to guide you through your workout.

Who wants dangerous exercises or limited programs to choose from? Nobody. Instead, how about a safe, monitored environment and a wide variety of training packages to suit every taste. You’ll never get bored or run out of options to choose from.

Ready to get raw with your training? Contact us today to find out more about what Raw Power Spicewood has to offer. 


The entire Raw Power team is composed of die-hard athletes who know what it takes to build strength and create lasting gains. Most have experienced life-changing moments of their own – sparking their passion for fitness and becoming the driving factor in their desire to help others.

You won’t find a more talented, experienced and compassionate group of personal trainers anywhere. We believe in our clients – that’s why we do whatever it takes to get them healthy and in the best shape of their lives. No hype, no gimmicks. Just real results from certified coaches delivered in a safe, motivating environment.   What are you waiting for?

Call us today at 702-271-8112 to learn more and get fit once and for all.


Raw Power Gym offers a truly unique and immersive training experience. Unlike traditional box gyms, we don’t utilize “fluff” promotions to lure you in. Nor do we have too little actual equipment (like some CrossFit locations) as to limit what you can do. 

Our inventory and gym environment is REAL and RAW. That means we offer truly functional equipment that’s exactly what you need to get the job done. We call it the “No Shenanigans” zone.

Raw Power’s indoor facility includes all the free weights you’ll ever need as well as the right specialty equipment for an incredible workout. For additional variety, we include a great selection of Olympic, powerlifting and strongman tools to spice up your routine.

Wanna take it outside? No problem. Our outdoor training area includes conditioning sleds, tractor tires, sledgehammers and additional strongman apparatus to shake things up. Not only is our outdoor equipment fun to use but makes for a hardcore workout as well.

Stop sitting on machines or walking on treadmills with TVs shoved in your face. They’re not helping you reach your goals. Instead, come to Raw Power and train your body the way that nature intended – with free weights, natural movements and explosive Raw Power.

FREE 3 day pass trial membership & fitness assessment – or FREE personal training session & nutritional consult. Just Contact Us!

19912 State Hwy 71 W, Spicewood, TX 78669