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Fitness Training at Raw Power Gym in Austin, Texas

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Basic personal fitness coaching designed for anyone who’s just starting out. No more feeling intimidated about the equipment/exercises or worrying about “doing it wrong.” Let our supportive and knowledgeable staff design an individualized health and fitness program to help you achieve your goals.


Whether for recreation or competition, our powerlifting programs focus on improving your “Big 3” lifts – Squats, Bench Press and Deadlifts. By mastering these full-body movements you’ll experience dramatic increases in power, strength and size. Not to mention the confidence gained by utilizing compound movements that burn tons of calories and get you shredded.  It doesn’t matter if you want to elevate your game for sports, become a competitive lifter, or just push your personal limits – our powerlifting program is great for anyone interested in getting stronger. Several of our trainers are prior competitors and coaches and have the experience you need to excel with these benchmark exercises.  With two coaching world titles – and numerous state and national championships to his credit – Seneca Sarnella and his team are dedicated to helping you become the strongest version of yourself possible.


Engineered for both youth and adults, our sport-specific athletic programs are custom-tailored to meet your specific training needs. Whether you’re a 10-year-old warrior just learning the ropes, or you’ve been a seasoned athlete your entire life, our veteran coaches can design a strength and conditioning program to help you go further, faster and improve your game.

We offer sport-specific coaching in many popular areas including:

●  Football

●  Baseball

●  Basketball

●  Tennis

●  Wrestling

●  Golf

●  Track

●  Soccer

●  And many more!

Our coaches specialize in designing both on and off-season programs that offer peak performance during game time and promote healing and improvement afterwards. With Raw Power in your corner, there’s no limit to how far you can go.


Built for runners – by runners. The endurance program is for anyone interested in training for a local 5 or 10K all the way up to ultra-marathons or triathlons. Raw Power’s skilled coaching staff can put together a complete strength and conditioning program for the beginner endurance athlete, or help a seasoned pro refine their technique, improve durability and increase overall speed.  On and off-season training programs are available, as well as performance nutrition and hydration strategies, all designed to help you maximize your performance year-round.


Ready to test your limits and promote real change in your life? Then transformation training may be the answer. An intense, yet individualized exercise and nutrition program designed for those looking to lose weight and get fit. Also a great option for anyone who has a deadline for their fitness goals (weddings, reunions, vacations or any other special occasions).  The experienced staff at Raw Power will assist you in quickly transforming your body and providing the skills necessary to support lasting results. 


While many athletes look good, they often don’t have the Raw Power to back it up. That’s where Strongman training comes into play. Functional, real world strength and conditioning that allows you to be fit, strong and packed with explosive power.  Whether you’re looking for strongman/strongwoman training for sport, performance or competition our in-house experts can help you find your inner beast. Forget the crazy, injury-prone CrossFit or box gym workouts, our time-tested programs develop real strength while keeping your joints and muscles healthy throughout the process.

Strongman training is a terrific option for anyone looking to get in all-around great shape. Moreover, individuals interested in participating in strongman competitions can learn from one of the area’s best coaches. Gym owner Seneca Sarnella is a two-time Texas Strongest Man competition winner and highly decorated strength athlete.  Train with Seneca or any of our other experienced strongman coaches and take your skills and strength to the next level!

Olympic Weightlifting

Power-based programs tailored for recreation, sports, performance or competition. Our team is ready to help you master two of the main Olympic lifts: Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. As well as offer valuable instruction for properly executing squats, deadlifts and other overhead movements critical for gaining strength and power.  Although open to anyone, the Olympic weightlifting program is especially great for young athletes needing to learn these movements for school or league sports activities.

The Raw Power Austin staff includes Olympic lifting specialists as well as USAWL trained coaches.


Comprehensive training focused on boxing technique and conditioning. This program provides a fantastic overall workout with special emphasis on proper form and movement. We also offer classes in cardio boxing and kickboxing as well. A must for anyone looking to step into the ring or take their skills and stamina to the next level.  Led by former competitive fighter and trained combat coach Bryan Acosta, our 30-60 minute classes will leave you wanting to tap out (but strong enough not to). Bryan’s classes are ideal for anyone interested in learning self-defense or advanced fighting techniques. Get the confidence and skills you need to defend yourself and your family. Burn fat and increase overall stamina. Get in the best shape of your life!

FREE 3 day pass trial membership & fitness assessment – or FREE personal training session & nutritional consult. Just Contact Us!

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